Friday, 12 April 2013

K.I.S.S. Chili Con Carne

No Beans
No Tomatoes
No Powders
No Frills

Just real proper Keep It Simple Stupid Chilli

Ingredients needed

1 Kg of Beef Chuck Shoulder or other flavorful  slow cooking cut
A good selection of dried chilies
2-3 cups of real beef stock

Yes.. thats all.. No tomatoes or beans. Just real beef & chili goodness

Start with a good selection of Chilies

In this case I used
Chipotle dried Chilies
Ancho Grande dried Chilies
Cascabel dried Chilies
Mulato dried Chilies
Pasilla dried Chilies
Guajillo dried chilies
1/2 a fresh Scotch Bonnet (only recommended if you like really hot chili)
 I also added a spoon of Achiote seeds.

 photo kisschili1_zps8a4d65b0.jpg

Throw into a pot with your beef stock and simmer on low for about 40 minutes or long enough to soften up the dried chilies.

 photo kisschili2_zps3a583f92.jpg

Using an Immersion blender to grind up into a smooth(ish) paste.

 photo kisschili3_zpsdc8f8b1b.jpg

While the sauce is simmering is a good time to cut up your beef, I like to make nice large chunks about 1.5" -2" square. You can also pre-heat the oven to 200F

Once your sauce is ready, take a oven safe heavy pot ( I use a cast iron dutch oven) and put on the stove top with some beef tallow or oil of choice. Once its good & hot, toss your beef chunks in and give a few minutes to sear on one side. This allows it to build that nice meaty flavour without the problem of drying out the meat you get when searing all over.
Once you have a nice sear on 1/4 or so of the meat surface, add the sauce & give a good stir then pop the lid on, leaving slightly cracked and stick in the oven to slow cook for the next 2.5-3 hours.

 photo kisschili4_zpsd8195cd8.jpg

Check for tenderness at about 2.5 hours & pop back in the oven as needed. when the chili is done, the meat should be lovely & tender.

Dish up & enjoy however you like.
Top with sour cream, creme fresh, grated cheese, cilantro or just plain.

 photo kisschili5_zpsad4d911d.jpg

If your in the UK I can highly recommend Chillies On The Web for all your dried chillie needs. And no I dont get anything for recommending  them. I was just really impressed with their products & service!

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