Sunday, 24 March 2013

Primal Dog 1.0

This is my heart dog, Tam. 
Hes a 8.5 year Old English Mastiff. He weighs a lean & muscular 170lbs (12stones)  photo Bigbone3.jpg I started feeding him Primal when he was about a year old (before that he was on a high quality dog food called Orijen) 
Within a few months we saw marked improvements in overall health, coat etc even though he had seemed perfectly healthy before hand. 
I think people dont always realize how much healthier we and our companions can be when we think were already healthy. 
So many things that just seem normal maybe arnt but because they creep up on us gradually we just attribute to regular aging & wear & tear or simply don't notice them at all. 

A few months ago we had to take Tam to the vets as he had sprained his hock (note to anyone thinking of getting a mastiff.. They are not an agile breed LOL) 
Now keep in mind that mastiffs have an expected life expectancy of between 8-10 years. The Vet thought he was about 4 years old.....& was shocked that not only was he past 8, but he had no signs of the osteoarthritis & joint issues that are prevalent in the larger breeds and practically a given once they are older. 
 In fact, aside from injury's sustained as a direct result of gravity vs. 170lbs of bullheadedness, Tams never had to visit the vet for any health issues. 

& Yes.. that is a whole cow leg bone......

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